Detailing Services

Hand Wash

Paint Correction

Paint Correction


Here at Detail City, we use the safest and most effective ways when it comes to your paint's surface. Hand washing using grit guards, the two-bucket method, and fresh microfiber wash mitts, we ensure the most detailed and safest car wash possible!

Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Paint Correction


When it comes to restoring your paint, Detail City detailers use nothing but the highest grade of equipment and products. Our extremely experienced detailers use the Rupes BigFoot to safely decontaminate and restore your paint's factory shine!

Interior Detail

Paint Correction

Engine Bay Cleaning


You name the service- we've got it. Carpet shampooing, seat extraction, stain removal, steam cleaning the interior, we do it all! We strive on quality, so don't expect a "quick wipe down!"

Engine Bay Cleaning

Head Light Restoration

Engine Bay Cleaning


When was the last time you washed under your hood? Let the professionals at Detail City give your engine bay a good detail! With all those electronics and intakes under your hood, safety and preparation is key- we offer many waterless solutions/degreasers to ensure a safe and effective detail!

Head Light Restoration

Head Light Restoration

Head Light Restoration


Headlights looking a bit hazy? That's due to the oxidation that builds up on top of your headlights over time. We can bring them back to life! With a bit of wet sanding and polishing, we can restore those old, faded headlights back to looking brand new again!

Wheel Cleaning

Head Light Restoration

Head Light Restoration


Detail City is known to have a very friendly reputation, but we have some enemies as well- dirt, grime, and BRAKE DUST. Improper cleaning or neglecting your wheels for a thorough wash can damage the wheel's clear coat due to brake dust being so corrosive. Over time, that brake dust gets embedded into the the wheels, making the wheels look dirty and old, no matter how much you wash them. With the proper products and wheel cleaners, we can bring those wheels back to life! 

Paint Correction

What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is a service provided by Detail City for the real automotive enthusiasts. The best way to define what paint correction is by describing the process and steps we take to remove those nasty swirl marks, scratches along the door panels, and decontamination of the oxidized, old looking paint. Starting with the least abrasive method, we will remove a thin layer of your oxidized or scratched paint, to expose a fresh new layer to bring back that glossy factory shine.

If you're wondering if you need paint correction done, let us explain the most common questions our customers have. The surface of your vehicles paint is exposed to a lot more than you think. Harmful UV rays, airborne contaminants, and even your neighborhood-friendly car wash. The suns ray's are very harmful, and with a combination of heat and constant ultraviolet exposure, your clear coat will become oxidized. Same concept with the airborne contaminants. Your daily commute or weekend driving will introduce a lot of small tiny particles throughout your drive, that will imbed itself to the surface of the paint. That's where you get that rough/sandpaper like feel on your car's surface over time. Machine washes with brushes will do just as much damage. Often, most machine car wash brushes are filled with dirt and small particles that rarely get cleaned, and will scratch your vehicles paint more than help it. If you're looking to maintain a glossy, scratch free car- stay far away from your local $3 car wash.

Here at Detail City, our paint correction services are very in-depth and thorough. Some cars need something as simple as a polish, while others might need a full correction with a decontamination, compound, and polish. We only use the safest and most effective ways to bring your car back to life. Often, our Rupes DA Polisher is our go-to machine for all the correction needed. Whether we're using a Megurie's Microfiber pad for cutting, or a polishing foam pad, the results are phenomenal. 

To sum it all up, paint correction can be a very simple, yet a complicated procedure. Each car has to be assessed differently and individually. We always use a paint gauge meter to get an estimate of the vehicles coating levels and see how much correction can be done. Click on our Private Client Services (PCS) Tab for more information and talk to one of our advisors to have you taken care of!


Ceramic Coating Services

Ceramic coating is the one of the ultimate levels of paint protection. Common paint protection options our customers know of is your basic spray wax, paint sealant, and clear wraps/bras. Ceramic coating is just another form of those types of protection. To keep it simple, high end ceramic coatings are semi-permanent layers of transparent coats over your existing clear coat surfaces. It's made up of a liquid polymer that chemically bonds to the vehicle's existing paint and clear coat. 

The biggest benefits to having your vehicle ceramic coated are extreme hydrophobic abilities to repel water and dirty acid rain, it increases the gloss and shine levels, and durability and protection for years to come. Ceramic coatings are designed for protection against swirl marks, oxidation, and everyday airborne contaminants. High end companies that manufacture ceramic coatings, like CarPro, are the industries leading and most reputable manufactures for paint protection. Here at Detail City, our most commonly applied ceramic coating is called CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0. It's carefully and completely hand applied by our experts for the best bond and durability. With proper care and maintenance, this semi-permanent coating should last anywhere from 5-7 years on a vehicle.

 With this ceramic coating application, the maintenance for your vehicle becomes a breeze. With the incredible hydrophobic ability that it adds, your car washing routine will save you loads of time, along with making it extremely easy to get dirt and filth off of the paint. It'll protect the surface from getting any type of swirls or scratches that can come from a wash as well. Overall, our ceramic coating application is the ultimate form of paint protection. Aesthetically, it will increase the shine and gloss levels. As for protection, it will prevent swirls, scratches, and premature clear coat fading. Call one of our Detail City PCS Advisors for more information and see if a ceramic coating application is right for your vehicle. 


Glassparency- Glass Coating Services

The Ultimate Glass Coating Application

Detail City is now an authorized installer and partner with GlassParency- a company that specializes in glass coatings for your vehicle. Made in the USA, the products used in the application are chemically engineered to react with the silica within the glass for a bond that will last for years. Backed by a 3-year warranty, GlassParency is the market leading glass coating company that provides an exceptional product for your windshield and all of the glass in your vehicle

What does GlassParency Do?

GlassParency is a patented ultra-hydrophobic coating that is applied to all glass surfaces of your vehicle. As an certified installer, our professionals here at Detail City go through a 2-step application process that will result in an extremely clean, ultra-hydrophobic, glare free windshield. After the application process, we will submit your 3-year warranty, and be sent a maintenance package from GlassParency to maintain the life expectancy of the product. Click on the GlassParency link  to find out more about the GlassParency product!

Paint-less dent removal (PDR) services

What is PDR?

Paint-less Dent Removal is one of the safest yet most effective ways of getting rid of those dings and dents. Almost every used car comes across a situation where it'll catch the end of another car door, have something small hit the trunk, or even a simple fender bender. PDR is the solution for most, if not all of those problems. 

No drilling, no Bondo, and no repainting.  Our PDR experts will inspect the damage and be able to pull the smallest of dings, or even major dents with their tools and expertise. PDR is also an eco and pocket friendly way of getting the damage fixed. Give us a call to schedule your inspection. We'll take a look and give you our recommendation, so you can drive away with a dent-free car


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about our detailing services. Are you not sure about what detail service is right for you car? Give us a call and let the experts guide you through it!