Detail City PCS (Private Client Services)

A division of Detail City Inc., here at Detail City PCS, we have created a separate department that caters to the high end vehicles with custom solutions. As our Private Client, you will have your very own PCS Advisor, that you will directly keep in contact with for your every detailing need. 

Drive In Style, Protect For Years


With your dedicated Private Client Advisor, we design custom solutions for your lifestyle. Whether your vehicle is daily driven, or a summertime show car- we strive to provide the best options to ensure your vehicle is looking its best and is protected for years to come.

Don't Settle For Less


We understand that every vehicle is an investment, we're here to treat your vehicle the way it deserves. We offer services that include paint correction, leather reconditioning, ceramic coating packages, etc. Our quality cannot be matched!

Discuss Your Options With A PCS Advisor


Our goal is to build an everlasting relationship with all of our clients. After an in-depth inspection of your vehicle, our professionals will combine our recommendations with your specific wants and needs to ensure your satisfaction. We come to you- call us to set up a meeting with your PCS Advisor today

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Why PCS?

Pick Up/ Drop Off Service


We understand you're busy. Have your PCS Advisor schedule out a time that works for you. We offer a pick up and drop off service for your vehicle, and also offer a shuttle service for you if needed.

Inspect, Research, and Recommend


Every car is not the same, we understand that better than anyone. Before getting started on your car, we will do an in-depth inspection of your cars current condition, research on your cars paint and specs, and give you specific options and recommendations.

Custom Videos and Pictures


Detail City PCS is partners with the best of photographers in the Chicagoland Area. Whether it's for personal or professional use, we have dedicated teams to create personalized videos and photos for your vehicles.

Fully Insured


Here at Detail City PCS, we deal with high end vehicles that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rest assured, you are in safe hands. We are insured at upwards of $2 million per occurrence. We worry about the risks, so you won't have to.

24/7 Availability


For our private clients, our doors are never closed. If you need something as simple as an answer to a question, or have your car dropped off after midnight, our PCS team is sure to service your every request!

Custom Pricing


With the Private Clientele cars, pricing is based on your specific wants and needs. Tailored to your desires, we will generate pricing solutions to what you would like done, as opposed to generic pricing and services.

Our Private Clientele love to see the work performed on their vehicles. Capturing the entire process and final results on camera has many perks. Whether you want a video for your personal satisfaction, or a professional video to showcase to your friends, we offer the luxury of capturing your vehicle on camera when it's looking its best!

PCS Portfolio

Download a copy of our PCS Portfolio that goes in-depth about who we are, what services we offer, and a list of all the products that we use for our PCS Clients

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